Women's History Month

In a world that’s roughly 50 percent female, there’s no shortage of remarkable women, nor is there a dearth of stories that celebrate them.

Some of these stories educate us: They shed light on customs being upheld by elders like Whang-Od, the oldest Kalinga tattooer in her Filipino community, and honor the younger generations working to keep their heritage alive, like the Native Arctic women who are reclaiming their own traditional tattoos. Other stories inspire us: Adventurers like Emily Ford, the first woman to tackle the Midwest’s formidable Ice Age Trail during winter, and Natalie Corbett, the first transgender woman to cycle the Pan American Highway, are carving paths both geographic and cultural for intrepid travelers to follow in years to come. Still other accounts of extraordinary women across the globe delight and intrigue us, from tales of female chefs who share their perspectives through the dishes they create to recollections of female travelers who dish on what it’s like to take on the world solo.

Women’s History Month is a reminder to acknowledge and appreciate the endless ways in which a world that’s roughly 50 percent populated by women is that much richer for it. These are the stories that make us proud to be part of that world, this month and every other.

Blaze trails

Emily Ford makes history by hiking the 1,200-mile Ice Age Trail in winter

The coolest female surf communities around the world

Cycling the entire Pan-American Highway and finding inner peace along the way

A NASA engineer on the Mars rover, women in science, and why mentors matter

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Look to tradition

Ima Keithel, India’s all-female market, has thrived for nearly 500 years

How Native Arctic women are taking back the art of Inuit tattoos

7 fascinating female-led societies around the world

Weavers of the sky: The women of Chinchero

9 notable places to visit where women warriors are honored as monuments

The wonderful and varied ways mothers carry their babies around the world

Recipes for success

‘It was always about proving myself’: Esther Choi on her rise from line cook to restaurant owner

‘In Bibi’s Kitchen’ challenges readers to embrace African cuisine and the women who make it

For over 40 years, Bloodroot has exchanged food, books, and feminism

How baking is helping me empower women around the world

Find a community

9 incredible women who are revolutionizing the travel industry

These epic all-women trips are emboldening female travelers

The 7 best online travel platforms for women of color

7 inspiring Asian female travelers you should be following on Instagram

The 8 most influential Black women in travel

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Never stop learning

7 must-read travel books by women who challenged cultural norms

The women of Matador Studios on their favorite films made by women

When women adventure, they change the world. This children’s book proves it.

11 must-see lesbian historical destinations around the world

6 libraries around the world completely dedicated to women

What we can learn from countries with progressive transgender rights

Venture solo

Tinder sent me to Toronto to find love, and I fell in love with solo travel instead

Stop pitching solo female travelers ‘safe’ destinations

The most important thing solo travel taught me is self-reliance

For solo female travelers, camping alone can be unexpectedly freeing

After a breakup, I finally took the solo trip that changed my life

7 unforgettable first trips for solo female travelers

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