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A Big Mac combo meal costs $16 and two tickets to the movies is $37.
Am I expected to tip here? How much is appropriate?
In my experience, Brits are courteous, fun, and engaged travelers.
Making Latvian friends is harder than just not peeing on sacred monuments.
I lived in Lima for three years and for the last two there was literally an earthquake...
Studying abroad puts you in a singular category with specialized skills.
Pretend to be an expert on 'Belgian waffles.'
British writer goes to Canada, makes supercut of him doing Canadian things.
Get rid of your glaring gringo accent and learn to talk like an artesano.
Step 1: Write an article about how to piss off a Hungarian.
"Come round later. We can have a few dops and throw some boerie on the fire.”
What does Google think we want to know about Europe?
Take a deep breath and accept this is how things work here.
The painful desire to go to distant places, to travel, to see the world.
How good are you at identifying the languages being spoken around you?
What we search for when we search for countries is extremely telling.
Jared Leto's recognition of events in the Ukraine were enough to prompt Russia's state...
You have a heart of stone if you don't "awwwww!" at least once while watching this.
We do not give a flying fuck if you have some sort of Welsh ancestry.
Not taking a two-hour lunch break is one of the seven deadly sins.
You bought a red plaid shirt and trained yourself to say “washroom.”
Wearing a burqa in a car doesn’t allow for a lot of oxygen to circulate.