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United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom encompasses England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. And yes, it is a country in itself.

In the UK, it’s almost impossible to walk five feet without tripping over something classified as protected heritage. Here you can explore castles, wander palaces and hike Hadrian’s Wall…finished in 122 AD.

Read below to find out where in London you can get the best English breakfast to cure a hangover after a night at a gallery bar, or maybe you’re more interested in learning how to swim the English channel.

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Conference space, tasty lunch breaks, and perhaps a Belgian ale with your café.
London's population exceeds 7 million. During the Olympics, 900 billion?
Update your FB status, check your email, or post to your blog directly from the Games.
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Come Sunday morning there will be one thought on your mind - food. And lots of it.
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