The Matador guide to Valentine's Day


Chances are, your love life hasn’t followed the typical rom-com formula. You probably didn’t have a serendipitous meet-cute moment, a will-they-won’t-they courtship, an easily avoidable falling out, and a romantic reconciliation on Valentine’s Day atop the Empire State Building. But that’s okay. Love in 2021 is unconventional, and Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate that.

Whether you’re planning a future trip with your Valentine, power swiping on Tinder, or taking the Estonian approach and celebrating “Friend’s Day” instead, there are plenty of ways to spend February 14. Matador Network’s got you covered.

We compiled all the most cliche places to propose, with some highly recommended alternatives, so you don’t accidentally pop the right question in the wrong place. We looked at some of the world’s most intriguing Valentine’s Day traditions, explored the often questionable (but highly recommended) experience of Tindering abroad, and offered tips on imbuing your family vacation with much-needed romance. We even revealed the best destinations for sexually adventurous couples, plus a ton of other stories about getting it on abroad.

Valentine’s Day can be a lot more than sappy Hallmark cards and watching Sleepless in Seattle on repeat. Read on to find out how in our official guide to love around the world.

How the world shows love

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Get Whisked Away

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The 7 Most Underrated Romantic Cities in the World

The 11 Sexiest Museums in the World

The Most Romantic European Destinations To Visit if You Both Love Solitude

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Swipe Right

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Let's Get it on

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Love in the time of COVID

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Valentine's Day By the Numbers

This Map Reveals the Most Popular Valentine’s Day Candy in Every US State

This Valentine’s Day Survey Will Answer Your Most Pressing Questions Before the Big Day

Each US State’s Most Popular Google Search on Valentine’s Day

Data From Tinder Shows the World Dates Differently, but Everyone Likes Beer

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