Where to travel right now

The world has always been big. There's an endless list of places that deserve to be seen, foods that ought to be tasted, experiences that simply should be had. One lifetime is certainly not enough to take in, digest, and appreciate all this wide world has to offer.


But this year, the world's a bit smaller - and that's okay. Let that tidier list of must-dos, must-eats, and must-sees be less daunting. Let travel be simpler: Lose yourself on the open road, venture deep into the crowdless wild, or go off-grid with your pod. This year, the hard work isn't in choosing. It's in finding where to go and making it happen - safely.


Whether it's booking the Hawaii trip you've always wanted to take, finally pulling the trigger on that digital nomad visa, up and moving to Mexico, or simply daydreaming about where to go in 2021, the world is still full of possibilities.


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Latest News

Hawaiian Airlines lets passengers redeem miles for COVID-19 tests

FDA approves the first at-home COVID-19 test

Border restrictions between the US, Canada, and Mexico extended until December 21

New Orleans cancels Mardi Gras parades in 2021

Royal Caribbean is looking for volunteers for ‘simulated cruises’

Healthcare workers on the frontlines can win a free seven-day RV vacation

Chile is reopening to international tourists at the end of November

South Africa is reopening its borders to all international travelers

Botswana is reopening to international tourism on December 1

Cuba is reopening Havana Airport for international travel

Pfizer’s vaccine news is causing a spike in vacation searches

Costa Rica is dropping its COVID-19 test requirement

Everything you need to know about traveling to Aruba this winter

This Viking cruise ship offers daily on-board COVID-19 testing

American Airlines is offering at-home COVID-19 testing for several routes

Nepal is reopening to tourism, but only for mountain climbers and trekkers

Travelers can now test out of New York’s mandatory 14-day quarantine

NYC’s LaGuardia Airport is offering free COVID-19 tests for all travelers

More and more European countries are reintroducing strict lockdowns

CDC lifts ban on US cruising, allowing cruise ships to set sail once again

Machu Picchu is finally reopening and flights from the US are restarting

Jamaica will require visitors to pay an extra health insurance fee

Delta put 460 people on the no-fly list this summer for not wearing masks

Hawaiian Airlines is resuming its longest domestic route just in time for Christmas

COVID-19 testing now available at JFK and Newark airports

This app could help safely resume international travel

United is adding 32 warm-weather destinations to its network this fall

Costa Rica is reopening to all US tourists on November 1

The Bahamas is lifting its mandatory quarantine for international travelers

St. Kitts and Nevis is reopening to tourism on October 31

Alaska Airlines is offering COVID-19 tests for travelers to Hawaii and Alaska

Panama is reopening to international tourism on October 12

Hawaiian Airlines to offer drive-through COVID-19 tests

Jordan is reopening to international tourism with strict requirements

The US will no longer be screening international arrivals for COVID-19 at airports

Morocco is reopening to travelers from 67 countries, including the US

Malta is open to US tourists — but there’s a catch

Virgin Atlantic announces free COVID-19 insurance for passengers, starting now

Study claims odds of catching COVID-19 on a plane are very small

US State Department lifts ‘Do Not Travel’ advisory for international travel

This airline will cover all your medical expenses if you catch COVID-19 abroad

Croatia is the first EU country to welcome back US travelers

The EU created an app to explain travel restrictions by country

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