Where to travel in the US this winter

In the past, winter was about cozying up on the couch, throwing on Netflix, and flaking on your friends because it’s “too cold.” Well, we’ve had enough lazing lately. Winter 2022 is about getting your blood pumping however you can, whether it be taking your very first ski trip, doing a solo polar plunge, or simply going for a brisk winter hike

For all you skiers out there, we’ve got you covered. We’re showing you key exercises you should do before hitting the slopes, and the unexpected thrills of uphill skiing, among others. If your crew is into skiing but you aren’t, we also have a guide on how to have fun on a ski trip if you don’t ski, and the most fun resorts for non-skiers. And we haven’t forgotten the boarders, either — we’re also laying out the best ski resorts for snowboarders according to the pros.

If you’re skipping the slopes this year, that’s fine too. You’ll have more time to explore the country’s most beautiful frozen lakes, check out some relaxing wellness resorts, or brave the elements on a winter camping trip.

Safety continues to be paramount this winter, but that shouldn’t keep you from responsibly exploring the great wintry outdoors.

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