The Matador guide to the Holidays

By this stage in 2020, we’re pros at finding creative ways to mark our favorite holidays. Parades, parties, and big family gatherings may be off the table, but we’ve honed the fine art of celebrating however we possibly can, and it’s all led up to this moment: the winter holiday season. Now more than ever we need bright Christmas lights illuminating our towns; we need delicious Hanukkah treats; and, most of all, we need to turn the page on 2020 in style.

Much like Santa arriving at the 11th hour with a sleigh full of gifts, Matador Network is giving you a curated collection of holiday content that’s sure to keep your spirits high. We’re throwing you a lifeline with a list of gift ideas for the traveler in your family and pointing you to the best Christmas window displays even if you’re not planning to actually enter the store. Whether it’s ideas for an internationally inspired Christmas dinner or different takes on boozy eggnog, we’ve got you covered. And when the time finally comes to say goodbye to 2020, we’ve got a list of the world’s coolest New Year’s traditions for a little dose of inspiration.

So get ready to overindulge on bûche de Nöel and leave those lights up until Valentine’s Day. We need all the holiday spirit we can get this year.

The 9 most dazzling Christmas trees around the world

The 12 most festive places in Europe that will get you in the holiday spirit

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In Iceland, Christmas is celebrated with a bloodthirsty cat, 13 mischievous Santas, and their evil mother

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It's comfort food season

What Christmas dinner looks like around the world

8 holiday desserts that prove the world is a sweet, sugary place

7 Jewish treats the world needs to know about

9 countries where it’s not Christmas dinner without fish

Where your favorite holiday spices really come from

The real story behind why some Wisconsinites eat raw meat sandwiches around the holidays

The 7 most warming winter desserts from around the world

The sugar-coated, crispy-fried, deeply comforting guide to Dutch winter food

It’s not Christmas in Mousehole without this fish head pie

From fondue to raclette, the coziest winter foods come from Switzerland

Why some Polish families keep a live carp in the tub before Christmas

Iceland’s laufabrauð is one of the world’s most beautiful Christmas breads

This map shows the most popular Christmas treat in every state

Raise a glass

10 sweet, spiced, and warming mulled wines from around the world

Coquito is the cross-cultural holiday drink that ties people together

These digestifs from around the world will save you this holiday season

7 creamy and boozy eggnogs made around the world

Hot Dr Pepper was once America’s holiday drink of choice

Bartenders around the world swear by this spirit in the winter. Here’s why.

7 festive holiday cocktails from around the world

It’s not Christmas in Mexico without 9 days of ponche navideño

6 delicious, traditional festive drinks from Europe

Forget eggnog and drink this spicy, citrusy Martinique holiday liqueur instead

8 festive winter rum cocktails from around the world

The best sparkling wines you’re missing out on if you only drink Champagne

The English tradition of wassailing is the perfect excuse to drink cider and sing around a bonfire

All the gifts they'll actually want this year

Best last-minute stocking stuffers for travelers

The most sustainable and thoughtful gift ideas for the whole family

9 epic gift ideas for the outdoor adventure lover in your life

7 gorgeous coffee-table books for all the travelers in your life

8 thoughtful gifts to buy someone who loves road trips

The best holiday gifts from the world’s greatest museum gift shops

13 perfect gifts for girlfriends who love to travel

These travel essentials from Black-owned companies make for the perfect gift

16 wellness stocking stuffers everyone needs this year

9 perfect gifts for bartenders this holiday season

10 Indigenous-owned businesses you can support today

8 must-have accessories for on-the-go coffee addicts

11 LGBTQ businesses in the US to support this holiday season

Happy New Year!

How to say ‘cheers’ and ‘Happy New Year’ in 30 countries

The 9 coolest New Year’s traditions around the world

Candles, yuzu baths, and red-bean porridge: 9 ways the world celebrates the winter solstice

In Spain, it isn’t New Year’s if you’re not eating 12 grapes at midnight

The Dongzhi Festival is Asia’s most beautiful winter solstice celebration

In Finland on New Year’s Eve, tiny horseshoes are melted to predict the future

4 things to do on New Year’s Day that are actually fun

Holiday News

Drink your way across Texas wine country on this Christmas wine train

The best cities for Christmas in 2020, according to science

Spend New Year’s Eve with Mariah Carey in a clear dome in Times Square

Stonehenge will livestream its winter solstice celebration

A rare ‘Christmas star’ will be visible this month for the first time in 800 years

FAO Schwarz is transforming into an Airbnb this Christmas

This Christmas, stay in a hotel suite inspired by the movie ‘Elf’

London aquarium shows Christmas movies to penguins to keep them entertained during lockdown

This year, do your Christmas shopping virtually at Marrakech’s medina

The ultimate Christmas house is for rent on Vrbo

This five-star resort in Georgia has a life-size walk-in gingerbread house

The world’s first mulled wine hot tub is ready to bubble this holiday season

Meet the real Santa from Lapland with new online Airbnb Experiences

This rooftop skating rink has amazing views of the NYC skyline

Redo Christmas this summer by taking a “Christmas in July” cruise down the Danube

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