The Matador guide to the Holidays

After the challenges of the last two years, we’ve honed the fine art of celebrating however we possibly can, and it’s all led up to this moment: the winter holiday season. Now more than ever we need bright Christmas lights illuminating our towns; we need delicious Hanukkah treats; and, most of all, we need to turn the page on 2021 in style.

Much like Santa arriving at the 11th hour with a sleigh full of gifts, Matador Network is giving you a curated collection of holiday content that’s sure to keep your spirits high. We’re throwing you a lifeline with a gift ideas for the traveler in your family and pointing you to the best Christmas window displays even if you’re not planning to actually enter the store. Whether it’s ideas for an internationally inspired Christmas dinner or different takes on boozy eggnog, we’ve got you covered. And when the time finally comes to say goodbye to 2021, we’ve got a list of the world’s coolest New Year’s traditions for a little dose of inspiration.

So get ready to overindulge on bûche de Nöel and leave those lights up until Valentine’s Day. We need all the holiday spirit we can get.

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