The Matador guide to #Veganuary

At the start of every new year, there are people around the world who resolve to eat less meat — or give it up entirely — to improve their own health or that of the planet. A vegan or vegetarian diet can be part of a philosophy that respects animal life. It can mean refusing to take part in agricultural practices that further harm nature as the planet struggles to survive climate change and global warming.

Whether you just started thinking about eating less meat or you’re a lifelong vegan, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about why plant-based diets are better for the planet and how different cultures have adopted meatless eating. Here, you’ll find stories on the best destinations for vegans and vegetarians to travel to, like Japan with its surprising surge in plant-based restaurants. You’ll learn how to order vegetarian and vegan food in 20 languages, as well as what plant-based meals to eat to keep your energy up on outdoor adventures. Plant-based lifestyles manifest differently all over the world, from Brazil’s rising vegan and vegetarian scene to the Jain community in India, where meatless cuisine is the norm.

Whether your reasons for giving up meat are personal or political, these inspiring and informative stories about plant-based lifestyles will help you travel smarter.

Get inspired to go meatless

For the future of plant-based burgers, chefs are looking to ancient history

The 10 best cities in the US for vegans and vegetarians in 2021

12 vegan travel bloggers you should follow on Instagram

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The best and worst airlines for vegetarians and vegans

How to order vegetarian and vegan in 20 common languages

The top 9 vegan festivals around the world to inspire a plant-based life

The 11 most epic vegan food tours around the world

Vegan fast food around the world that doesn’t exist in the US

For the love of the planet

The best vegan energy snacks and meals for outdoor adventuring

More Brazilians are giving up meat, and that’s great news for the planet

Crush your sports and training goals with these plant-based nutrition tips

Gratuitous meat is everywhere you look, and it’s time to say no thanks

Here’s what eco-friendly wellness travel will look like in the future

10 outdoor brands you can rely on for vegan-friendly gear

5 community gardens that are setting an example in the United States

The 6 incredible vegan skincare brands you need to travel with

It’s time to go vegetarian, says Sir David Attenborough in new documentary

The most veg-friendly cuisines

10 spicy, rich, nourishing vegan and vegetarian Ethiopian dishes

India’s 8 best vegetarian dishes everyone will love

9 sweet, stewed, and mashed Ugandan banana dishes to try

The ‘Three Sisters’ of Indigenous food nearly disappeared. Chefs are fighting to bring them back.

To understand Japanese cuisine, start with kaiseki and shojin ryori

Eating vegan in Turkey is a breeze. Here are the 10 best foods to try.

Wambatu moju is the fried, pickled Sri Lankan delight you need in your life

11 classic pumpkin recipes from around the world

8 of South Korea’s best vegetarian street foods

5 delicious ways to use cassava, Brazil’s most versatile food

7 vegetarian Vietnamese dishes that are fresh, savory, and spicy

5 fresh and flavorful vegan dishes from Israel

Belarus eats the most potatoes in the world — by a lot. Here’s the best dishes to try.

Map out your bucket list

This tofu village in Korea is a vegetarian’s dream

The 10 most vegan-friendly cities in the world

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An inside look at Rhode Island’s new entirely plant-based food hall

This Philippine island has mangoes so delicious, they have their own festival

Mesa, Arizona, has the best farm-to-table food crawl in the US

Mexico City’s most mouth-watering vegan street tacos

A dreamy visit to one of the largest working kitchen gardens in England’s Peak District

How to hunt for mushrooms in Oregon’s coastal rainforest

For over 40 years, Bloodroot has exchanged food, books, and feminism

For this Indian community, veganism is one part of a holistic existence

Embrace a healthy lifestyle

The 9 most fascinating fruits in the world and where to try them

The world’s most spectacular farmers markets

The 7 healthiest cuisines in the world you should learn to cook

How to eat healthy while traveling, according to three nutritionists

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How to keep your gut healthy while traveling, according to a specialist

7 superfoods from around the world you’ve never heard of (and what to do with them)

The best healthy cooking classes from around the world

The only way to taste these rare fruits in the US is Amazon or Etsy

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