The Matador guide to St Patrick’s Day

Whether you’re on the Emerald Isle or at home, celebrate in style.


An old saying holds that “there are only two kinds of people: the Irish and those who wish they were Irish.” Most of us aren’t exactly itching to forfeit our ancestry, but on St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish envy is real. March 17 means clinging to your one percent Irish heritage — or proudly proclaiming a solid 75 percent. It means waking up early for an epic parade, hitting up a trad show, and toasting with a Guinness (not a green beer). Whether you’re in it for the party or the rich culinary, historic, and cultural elements, Matador is breaking down all the ways you can celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in style.

Much like 2020, those celebrations may look a little different in 2021. Most parades are still a no-go, and all non-essential travel and socialization at bars and restaurants is still discouraged, if not banned. But that’s all the more reason to look at alternative ways of marking St. Patrick’s Day this year. It could be doing a tasting of different Irish whiskey alternatives to Jameson, frying up some boxty, or binge-watching Irish television shows.

And if you'd like to get a head start on your 2022 trip planning to a major US city, Ireland, or even Tokyo, we’ve got you covered. So even though you'll be at home, hike up your green stockings, pour yourself a glass of Slane, and embrace your inner Irish with us. Sláinte.

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