The ultimate summer travel guide for Americans

Summer 2020 will not resemble summers of years past. Those summers were defined by the freedom to travel anywhere in the world without restriction, by massive pool parties and late nights at your favorite nightclub. Thanks to COVID-19, those activities feel like relics of the past, buried under layers of new restrictions. Despite a dismal outlook and the opinions of some glass-half-empty people, summer 2020 is not canceled.

Your vacation plans don’t have to wait until 2021. Destinations around the world are slowly reopening to international tourism, albeit with new guidelines designed to keep travelers safe, and domestic tourism in the US is poised to have a huge uptick for the remainder of the year. Trying to navigate the labyrinth of new tourism rules can feel daunting, but luckily, Matador has you covered.

If you’re eager to travel but unsure which destinations are open to US tourists, we’ve got the answers. We also delved into America’s safest summer pastime, camping, and compiled a list of the best places to camp in every state. And if you’re itching for a scenic domestic road trip without the traffic, we’ll tell you about the quietest scenic routes in the country.

Summer might look different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be epic. You just have to stay informed and get a little creative with your trip planning, and we’re here to help every step of the way. Just remember one important thing: wear a mask.

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New Rules and Challenges

Camping in the US

Road Trips in the US

Train Travel in the US

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