The ultimate summer travel guide for Americans

Summer 2020 will not resemble summers of years past. Those summers were defined by the freedom to travel anywhere in the world without restriction, by massive pool parties and late nights at your favorite nightclub. Thanks to COVID-19, those activities feel like relics of the past, buried under layers of new restrictions. Despite a dismal outlook and the opinions of some glass-half-empty people, summer 2020 is not canceled.

Your vacation plans don’t have to wait until 2021. Destinations around the world are slowly reopening to international tourism, albeit with new guidelines designed to keep travelers safe, and domestic tourism in the US is poised to have a huge uptick for the remainder of the year. Trying to navigate the labyrinth of new tourism rules can feel daunting, but luckily, Matador has you covered.

If you’re eager to travel but unsure which destinations are open to US tourists, we’ve got the answers. We also delved into America’s safest summer pastime, camping, and compiled a list of the best places to camp in every state. And if you’re itching for a scenic domestic road trip without the traffic, we’ll tell you about the quietest scenic routes in the country.

Summer might look different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be epic. You just have to stay informed and get a little creative with your trip planning, and we’re here to help every step of the way. Just remember one important thing: wear a mask.

What to know about International Travel

These destinations are opening to US tourists this summer

Croatia is the first EU country to welcome back US travelers

US passport applications might be delayed by several months

EU is barring American travelers as it reopens its borders

The Caribbean is reopening right in the middle of hurricane season

The days of US passport dominance may be over

When we travel again, don’t all rush to the first place that will take you

Border restrictions between the US, Canada, and Mexico extended until December 21

This map shows how weak US passports are right now

New Rules and Challenges

Museums are reopening, but the experience has changed dramatically

Can we trust negative COVID-19 tests as a green light for travel? We asked a travel doctor.

The TSA has a new rule for snacks in carry-ons. Here’s why.

COVID-19 has exposed America’s public bathroom problem

Big changes are coming to TSA screenings this summer

Restaurant owners explain why booth shields will never be the future of dining out

Hawaii postpones tourism reopening date to at least October

New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut now require visitors from 31 states to quarantine

We can’t let COVID-19 be the end of inclusive travel

Camping in the US

The best places to camp in all 50 states

From tents to glampsites, camping will be our savior in 2020

Rooftop tents are perfect for COVID-era car camping

8 campsites in landscapes that get you a zillion years away from 2020

The ultimate guide to everywhere you can camp permit-free on US public lands

The most serene camping escapes just outside of major cities

15 peaceful beach campgrounds perfect for decompressing

9 of the best places to camp in the US during summer

The best places to go camping in the desert in the US

7 serene, remote campgrounds in the US perfect for a life detox

The best camping spots right inside major US cities

How to secure a great last-minute campsite

It took 29 years and a pandemic for me to go camping. Here’s what I learned.

Road Trips in the US

RVs are the way to travel this summer. Here’s where to hit the road.

The best roadside scenic viewpoint in every state

The best places to stop on your LGBTQ-friendly US road trip

These are the quietest, least-traveled scenic routes in every state

9 epic places in the US to visit on your first #vanlife trip

16 pro-tips for getting your car ready for a road trip

Driving across the country in an electric vehicle just got way easier

6 genius tips for the ultimate van-cation

The prettiest bridge in every state

Train Travel in the US

Understanding train travel in a COVID-19 world

The best US train routes for bucket-list destinations

7 reasons your next trip should be by train

Loop from Boston to California and back on the ultimate US train trip

7 things to know before riding Amtrak across the country

Caribbean Travel

The best island in the Caribbean for every type of traveler

Everything you need to know about visiting the Dominican Republic this fall

Skip Punta Cana for the real Dominican Republic in El Limón

To see the real Jamaica, skip the resort and go to Kingston

Everything you need to know about visiting Jamaica this summer

6 essential food experiences in Jamaica

Aruba is the most adventure-packed island in the Caribbean

In Aruba, find an abundance of fresh fish, snack shops, and beach bars

8 traditional Bahamian dishes to get a taste of the islands

This rum train in Barbados is every rum lover’s dream come true

Go to Belize for the beaches but stay for the culture, nature, and history

The 15 best undiscovered beaches in the Caribbean

The coolest, cheapest Airbnbs in the Caribbean

23 Puerto Rican foods the rest of the world should know and love

How to experience the magic of Puerto Rico’s surreal bioluminescent bays

Everything you need to know about mofongo, Puerto Rico’s most important dish

Why Puerto Rico is the perfect place to learn to kitesurf

Europe Travel

How to plan the ultimate road trip through the Balkans

The 4 Croatian islands you have to visit this summer

11 photos that will make you want to visit Croatia right now

The Peaks of the Balkans trail may be Europe’s last, unspoiled wilderness

8 epic outdoor experiences in Macedonia

Skopje, Macedonia, has a ridiculous amount of odd statues. Here are the ones you need to see.

The ultimate cultural tour through Belgrade, Serbia

8 cheesy, buttery, and creamy Serbian foods you’ll fall in love with

Why you shouldn’t overlook Kosovo on your Balkan trip

Asia Travel

Surf, sand dunes, and smoothies on Sri Lanka’s south coast

10 unmissable experiences that will put Sri Lanka firmly on your bucket list

The 8 most epic hiking trails in Sri Lanka

The best Maldives experiences that combine luxury and wildlife

Why Dhiffushi is the Maldives destination to visit on a tight budget

9 stunning temples you need to see near Siem Reap, besides Angkor Wat

The coolest things to do in Siem Reap beyond Angkor Wat

On Tahiti’s main island, history, culture, and nature shine

Forget Bora Bora. The best island to visit in Tahiti is Moorea.

Beyond Cappadocia, eastern Turkey has few tourists and a lot of culture

Exploring Turkey’s stunning Mediterranean coastline by boat

On your next trip to Turkey, get out of Istanbul and head to Izmir

Everything you need to do in Istanbul’s underrated Asian side

How to explore Istanbul’s hippest, most creative neighborhoods

Why Dubai is the best destination for first timers to the Middle East

7 sights that make Uzbekistan a must-see Central Asian destination

How to spend 24 mind-blowing hours in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

8 things to know about Uzbekistan’s history and culture before you get there

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