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Your fall travel inspiration for an unconventional year.

Believe it or not, fall is already here. COVID-19 has altered a lot about our world, but the one thing it can’t cancel or delay is the coming of new seasons. The leaves are turning, and we’re more eager than ever to explore nature’s changing colors before the winter chill drives us indoors… again. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to live in New England to have a memorable fall. Though it is still our favorite place to be.

Whether you’re craving outdoor adventure among fall foliage, planning a fun-filled day for the family, or looking for the best autumnal spirits to whet your whistle and pumpkin-spiced everything, Matador has you covered.

We’re guiding you through the most charming coastal towns in Maine, giving you the lowdown on pumpkin beer and maple-syrup-infused whiskey, and showing you how to spend the perfect day in Salem, America’s Halloweentown. If you’re looking for some truly unique fall experiences, we’re also showing you the best hot-air balloon rides to take, where to go mushroom hunting in Oregon, and how to pack for a fall camping trip. All without having to step foot in a crowded Halloween party.

So break out the cable-knit sweater, drink lots of cider, eat your weight in pie, and have a safe, socially distant Halloween. Let’s turn the page together into an epic fall.

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Matador's Selection of Places to Stay in the Fall

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